• Story

    Foxy is a white fox with 250 years' cultivation. She had been trying to accommodate herself to the human world in the latest 50 years as she wanted to live with them. After a thoughtful consideration, she decided to live in Harvest Town. The reason is quite simple: she can drink fresh milk here everyday, and... the people here are easy to fool.

    Foxy is quite diligent, not only in making money, but also in fooling the men here. Why? Because she considers their torrid eyes on her the challenges for her fooling skills.

    The Smith's bald head is her work, as well as the ever-growing beard of the carpenter.

    But the people here are quite sympathetic for her, feeling that she is a little miserable as she always claims to be a fox...

    "You know what? I'm actually a white fox with hundreds of years' cultivation. Ho-ho-ho."

    "Why are you staring at me... I'm not intending to fool someone. Ho-ho-ho."


    Between Monday and Sunday she can be found between 6:00 AM to 8:10 PM inside the Grocery.

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    • Favorite +45
      • Egg Milkshake
    • Love +25
      • Emerald
      • Sapphire
      • Topaz
      • Ruby
    • Hate
      • Monster Material
      • Refined Quartz



    Quest Items

    Relationship Rewards

    • Pan weapon at 10 hearts