Lee Wah

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    An old man who is obsessed with regimen. Old-school yet a little cute. He believes medicine is superior to any other sciences, contributing a lot to life. "Life is the carrier of all meanings." He insists that all his sons learn medicine, which leads to a big divergence between him and his younger son who is crazy about his electronic gadgets. Although he is extremely careful about his diet, he still suffers from hair loss. He forbids his wife from putting seasoning in the cuisines, claiming it's good for health. Having had enough flavourless food, his younger son left home in anger and built himself a hut using containers. Although the doctor is quite remorseful about it, he never shows it - his bark is worse than his bite.


    He can be found between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM at his counter in the Hospital.

    Related Characters

    Lee Wah is married to Pong Ching, they have two sons, Lee Yau and Lee Yeung.


    Jishi Pharmacy


    • Favorite +45
      • Hair-caring Soup
    • Love +25
      • Gastrodia
      • Hong Herb
      • Honeysuckle
      • Tin Tsat
      • Yam
    • Like +10
      • Tiger Cowrie
      • Balloon Flower


    Fall 26.

    Relationship Rewards

    • Life Potion Blueprint