Terms Of Use

Published: Jun 29th 2020, 10:14 am

Terms Of Use

The provider of this service ("we", "us", "our") is not responsible for the content of the contributions written here. The contents of the contributions belong to their respective authors and also only reflect the opinion of the authors.

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Addition for the encyclopedia/wiki

All information contained in the Wiki was compiled to the best knowledge by players for players. However, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed.

Additional rules

  • It is prohibited to pass on the access data to third parties.
  • Double posts (several posts by the same person in succession) are to be avoided. Use the "edit" function.
  • Multiple accounts as well as bypassing temporary and permanent suspensions with additional accounts are not allowed. Please send any objections about bans to the e-mail address given in the legal notice.
  • Please make sure to use a friendly and nice tone. Nobody has the right to place himself above other users or to dictate to other users what they have to do.
  • Problems with other users have no place in the public forum. Either ignore the user by putting him/her on the "Ignore list" or clarify this via private messages and, in extreme cases, activate moderators by reporting posts.